Friday, April 24

Love Your Cake

**The topic has been changed to generalize the situation. Plus, I like cake.**

Once upon a time (not too far and not too recently) I prayed and prayed for chocolate chip cake. Prayed for it. Worked hard for it. Did everything I could to get and eat the cake I wanted.

I watched that chocolate chip cake given to someone else. with chocolate icing. I was given vanilla cake. with no icing.

So I kept praying. I prayed and prayed, "Lord, where is MY chocolate cake? Where is it? I want it sooo bad. I deserve it! Life would be so much easier if I just had that cake".

I never got that piece of cake.

And so I kept praying for my cake! Praying and praying and praying. And even questioning why chocolate chip cake was given to others! And then it hit big piece of....cake.

I realized I had been continuously praying for an already answered prayer! God did give me cake. Good cake too. Not the exact kind I wanted or asked for....but when did I think I was in charge of who got cake and what kind?

And you know what, vanilla cake isn't so bad after all.

Tuesday, April 21

Officially Official (Unofficially Titled- Tips and Tricks for Dieting)

Some friends encouraged me to blog last night. I thought- "Umm, no, not tonight. Tonight I don't feel like I could be a blogger."

Tonight, I was sitting watching The Biggest Loser and I wanted a snack. So bad.

I thought..... I could get up and get a snack (which is not really the ideal thing to do when you went over your points at 3pm and had two helpings of macaroni cheese after that, along with 5 chicken fingers and 2 chocolate cupcakes).

I thought.... I could try and create a blog instead, save myself some calories, appropriate would it be to make my first blog post about my thoughts on dieting? Marvelous.

And thus the official first post begins. So enjoy.

Here are some things I have tried in an attempt to stop eating junk and lose some weight (not in any order and some attempted more than once):

1. Spin 3 times a week. (I mean two, actually one)
2. Chew yummy snacks and spit them out (pathetic!)
3. Buy a bag of mini assorted chocolates (now it wouldn't be fair to only eat one kind- that would hurt the others' feelings)
4. Eat carrots and pretend to love it (washed that down with a honkin big brownie)
5. Hang skinny clothes on dresser (fit my pinky and that was sad)
6. Read magazines with skinny people in them and about skinny ideas (washed that down with a brownie too)
7. Talk and talk and talk about eating healthy and exercising (does talking count for exercise?)
8. Drink hot water with lemon juice to awaken the liver and eliminate bad enzymes (um- hot lemon water is gross and where is my liver anyway?)
9. Buy Nike Gear (magic swim powers were not actually included)
10. Swim (Um, pool water tastes really bad and I'm pretty sure I gained water weight)

Off to bed so I can get up to spin to skinny (idea #1). Need to pack my carrots (idea #4) and other various healthy snacks in another attempt (attempt #4,591) to get healthy. Just please don't offer me a double fudge brownie. We all know what will happen.