Friday, April 24

Love Your Cake

**The topic has been changed to generalize the situation. Plus, I like cake.**

Once upon a time (not too far and not too recently) I prayed and prayed for chocolate chip cake. Prayed for it. Worked hard for it. Did everything I could to get and eat the cake I wanted.

I watched that chocolate chip cake given to someone else. with chocolate icing. I was given vanilla cake. with no icing.

So I kept praying. I prayed and prayed, "Lord, where is MY chocolate cake? Where is it? I want it sooo bad. I deserve it! Life would be so much easier if I just had that cake".

I never got that piece of cake.

And so I kept praying for my cake! Praying and praying and praying. And even questioning why chocolate chip cake was given to others! And then it hit big piece of....cake.

I realized I had been continuously praying for an already answered prayer! God did give me cake. Good cake too. Not the exact kind I wanted or asked for....but when did I think I was in charge of who got cake and what kind?

And you know what, vanilla cake isn't so bad after all.


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