Sunday, May 10

Curtain Rods and Joy Songs

5 dollar curtain rods aren't as nice as they seem
They buckle under pressure and make me want to scream.
They leave nasty holes in the wall when I have to take them down.
They make me cry and pout and frown.

My Target curtains are not good either
They are not straight which gives me a fever
One side is short and the other is long
In curtain making 101, that is very wrong.

And so I face a decision very grand
Keep the cheap or spend more dollars then I planned
Keep blank walls with their stupid holes
Or buy new things quickly so I can be consoled.

I have a hard time when things aren't as planned
I pout and I cry as loud as a band
But today, I'm putting my big-girl pants on
And going to instead, sing a joy-in-my-heart song.


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