Thursday, May 21

Dove Love

So tomorrow's the big day. go time. ready. set. go.

this time tomorrow, i'll be 1.379 ounces smaller (approximately four teeth).

i have a really good memo for myself for next time....don't ever EVER spend hours looking up medical complications. it's scary. upsetting. panic attack creating. no good. only bad. really upsetting. terribly upsetting. i'm upset.

i have been in mourning all week in preparation for the day. what does mourning entail, you ask? Not fasting. Not crying. Not thinking. No- my mourning has included eating whatever I want whenever I want, and absolutely no exercise. The best form of mourning is no exercise.

Basically my definition of mourning (my extremely accurate definition of course- i have ALL four wisdom teeth still- so i'm very wise) has been me feeling sorry for myself. and food + no exercise makes me feel less sorry for myself.

should I end the drama now? am I incredibly annoying? well I'm sorry I'm so annoying. there is a LOT going on right now....did I mention I'm getting my wisdom teeth out??

ok. drama is over. but the mourning is not. it's time for some Dove Love.


  1. thanks! I saw them and decided I must have them.

    How's your mouth doing? are all of the dangers over yet?