Tuesday, May 26

Oxycrazy: poetry, wise words, and applesauce

So I made it through the surgery. And I'm 3 pounds lighter!! When you eat considerably less, you lose weight! Imagine that!

I'm getting creative with what I can eat. My mouth is still pretty sore and solid foods are proving to be a bit difficult.

Today's big creativity with eating was after my dinner of pancakes with peanut butter that I ate with my front teeth. I thought it would be a GREAT idea to suck on some popcorn. Boy, was that disappointing....and pretty disgusting.

Oh- and back onto chewing with your front teeth. I quickly realized that's only adorable when you're one year old or a chipmunk. Which clearly, I'm neither.

Now- on to the oxycodine talk.... the following are things you may say when on oxycodine. My wonderful husband thought it would be funny to write down things as I said them in his little moleskin notebook that he loves. And now that I am off oxycodine, I thought I would share some of my words of wisdom.

So go ahead and read. You can
1. laugh
2. chuckle
3. say- "That girl thinks she's funny and she's not".

Whatever your fancy, go ahead and read anyway. I think some of it's pretty mind-blowing.

1. The sahara desert is like a rainstorm compared to my mouth. My tongue is as dry as a lizard, not a lizard tongue because they are slimy. Just as dry as a lizard.

2. I close my eyes and I travel ....I travel down the hall...I travel down. But when I open my eyes, I haven't gone anywhere.

3. My body says "Sit down- you're heavy." My mind says "But I have to get up- I have to pee." So my stomach says "Have some food."

4. If we can go to the moon, we can invent a bag of ice that you can wear on your head.

and some poetry for the poetry lovers:

Water all around me
But nothing I can drink.
Water all around me
It's all that I can think.
Water all around me
I just want a glass or two.
Water all around me
Oh water, how I love you.

And that's all. Thanks to all who prayed me through my close call with death.

Ok, the dramatic behavior is over. I promise. And no more webmd for me. At least not until the next health related incident.....


  1. I think I just wet myself a little! You make me laugh!!! =)

  2. I feel honored to have been there for the "going to the moon one."

    Pretty exciting.