Sunday, May 17

Wisdom Teeth Worries

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday. I have a few thoughts about this.....

1. Dan lost feeling in half of his mouth when he got his out. One nerve reconstructive surgery later- he feels some hot and cold. (Personally, I would like to taste my food if at all possible)

2. I feel very upset that I even have to get them out. Why do they have to be impacted? The Lord KNOWS how much I hate not being in control and I'm pretty sure when I'm knocked out, I won't be in control..... (I just don't want to be in the game show of "Who's in Control" with my teeth!!!....)

3. I have so many worries- dry socket, not being able to taste food, and dying....oh my soul. i'm scaring myself right now- must. stop. writing. medical. fears.

4. There is no eating for a while. Now while my outside belly (chubby) thanks me, my inside belly (food lover) does not.

5. I'm not a huge fan of pain. I know that no one is, but I'm REALLY not. Plus, I am target #1 for saying dumb things when on pain medicine as light as Tylenol PM and Aleve, so I'm pretty sure the crazy OxyCodin will do a number on me (Dan is already sworn to secrecy for my words of wisdom on OxyCodin).

so these are my thoughts for now. when i think about the surgery on friday (which i KNOW is minor and i'm not trying to be a big baby....but sometimes, i am!!) i want to curl up in a ball and cry and beg Dan not to make me. but he says i have to. because my teeth hurt. because he knows best.

And no, I did not just secretly pray that the Lord would work a miracle where my wisdom teeth would POOF into thin air. I did not also just promise God I wouldn't tell anyone about the secret miracle. No....I would never pray something so silly.


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