Tuesday, June 16

Why I'm In Love With Apples

anything apple is so enjoyable. Not apple as in granny. apple as in mac. granny i can live without. mac- i. can. not.

this post is strictly devoted to my love for mac and their love for me. yes, mac loves me. here's why. i bought an apple (mac) the other day. it came with two rebates. which the sales person filled out for us.
i was totally impressed because most rebate situations end with me on the floor in a heap crying because i don't understand the crazy directions and order of the confusing rebates....

i'm pretty sure when we bought our dell a few years ago and we were given rebates....our sales associate did not fill them out with us in the store to ensure we got our money. he did not sit us down in comfy outer space chairs and type out the information for us. instead we were given 4598 pieces of paper and told that 38 of them held the keys to getting our rebates. When we finally found those papers, from what I can remember of course, these were the directions:

1. Take this rebate paper and using your magic decoder pen, fill out the form. Proceed to take the rebate to the tallest tree over yonder.
2. Climb the tree and find the squirrel with green eyes. Place the rebate inside a hand-sewn collar and place around squirrel's neck.
4. Place squirrel inside a paper boat made out of paper from the smallest tree in China. Teach squirrel human speech and give it directions to the dell rebate processing center. Feed it two white mushrooms and gatorade for its journey.
5.Start the squirrel on it's journey by placing the speedboat down the Mississippi River. Instruct the squirrel to stop at the big cherry tree next to the dell rebate processing center where it will be met by some mysterious rebate dude that may or may not bring it inside the processing center to be processed.
6. Wait 17-29 weeks for the rebate to arrive. If it arrives at all. And only part of it will. And only if the squirrel reaches it's destination on Tuesday. Between 10:03 and 10:04

You see, rebates are hard to fill out and ridiculous to get right. They anger me because I feel like it's all a big game of rebate rollercoaster and you never really know exactly what to do. I always thought that rebates were only to be filled out on the days that I felt especially smart and had nothing else to do. And had lots of tissues. And belly aches. And anger with rebate rollercoaster.

And I just appreciated that Apple (mac) filled my rebate out for me. I wanted to give them props. So official props for Apple. Thanks for always being there.


  1. you,my dear friend, are VERY funny. Thanks for the out-loud-need-to-cover-my-mouth-laughs.

  2. is there any chance that you were on pain medication when writing this post? just asking out of curiousity....oh my you continue to make me laugh and smile!