Friday, July 31

10 Important Steps To Follow When You See Red and Striped Spider Not From This Land #2

1. Scream
2. Throw up in your mouth a little.
3. Call the spider slayer and alert him of the situation. Ask if he can come home.
4. Spider slayer is at work. You're shocked because apparently work is more important then spider slaying.
5. Throw white trashcan from ikea over it's yellow and red striped thick body.
6. Gag a little because one of the legs got chomped by the lip of the trashcan.
7. Wish the floor was even and pray the spider doesn't escape in one of the cracks.
8. Wait for the spider slayer to get home. Peek at trashcan occasionally to see if it moved.

Spider slayer finally gets home. The door opens. Silence. Wait for it....

9. Throw up in your mouth a little when you hear the slap of a shoe smooshing the spider to its death.
10. Be overwhelmed with gratitude and kiss the spider slayer for saving your life. Unless it's not your husband. Then just give him a little handshake.


  1. Huzzah for the spider slayer and his damsel in distress!