Saturday, August 29

Important News Alert


I love them.
a shameful amount.
an i-would-never-tell-anyone-how-much-i-think-about-cookies amount.

I recently had a new cookie.
oh. my. soul.

It's name in the recipe was a whoopie pie. But instead of that cake-like top and bottom (which is amazing as well), it had a cookie like top and bottom. With the delicious filling in the middle made of powdered sugar, cream cheese, and happiness.

yes, happiness.

I call it Whoopie Cookie.

And I loved it.
So much.
a shameful amount.
an get the point here.

I ate 3. And then they were gone.
My mouth and stomach burst into tears.
Well, you know, they would have if they had the ability to cry.

I will be making these for my loved ones (you). Because everyone needs to try a whoopie cookie. It will change your life. It could change the world. If all the world was made of whoopie cookies, oh what a world it would be.

that is all. i know you will most certainly be looking forward to your meet&greet&eat with whoopie cookie. i'll bring the camera.

Thursday, August 20


I've learned five important things about the sun this month......

What I learned about the sun in California:
1. Buying sunscreen and leaving it in your bag does not protect you from the sun's damaging rays.

What I learned about the sun in New Jersey:
1. Putting sunscreen on your arms does not protect your back from the burning rays either.
2. Even if you put two layers of sunscreen on your arms, it does not protect your back.
3. Sunscreen is easy to apply but even easier to screw up.
4. Red as the color of hearts, sweaters, apples, chapstick, candles, blankets, toothbrushes, curtains, fabric, and skittles = happiness and attactive wonderfuness in every way.
Red as the color of skin = burning, peely, sadness. If my back could cry, it would. And I would lend it a tissue.

But, as everyone agrees, it's still totally worth it to be outside in the warmth of the sun, especially when it's shared with the people you love. I just think by now, I should have the "how-to-apply-sunscreen" thing down. And clearly, I don't.

On a complete other note, I chose grapes as a snack yesterday and I was concerned. Fruit does not equal snack. It equals I-guess-i-should-eat-this-but-it-will-absolutely-not-satisfy-me-or-equal-my-snack-over-my-dead-body.

Today, however, I ate 9 peanut butter cookies. And a lot of chocolate chips. Like a lot. Like maybe 50. or 100. And I washed it down with cheez-its. Then ate more chocolate chips so I could end with a chocolate taste.

So grape-day must have been a fluke. Maybe my time in the sun confused my taste-buds. Whatever it was, I'm glad it's over.

Monday, August 17

Wanted: The Maker of Hoods

It happens to everyone. That moment of panic right before going through security at the airport.
Nothing to hide, everything to fear.

One big question on your mind. Will you make it through without. the. patdown.

Usually yes. You take a deep breath in, walk through the metal detector, and breathe out. Collect your belongings and be on your way.

Unfortunately this deep wish of yours does not always come true.

Like yesterday.

You hear, "Excuse me, ma'am? Can you turn around please?" (oh, craaaaaap)
"You are wearing a hood so I need to check you."

Really?? Reeeeealy?

"Curse the maker of hoods!!" you shout (in your head of course).

And then it begins. You hope for a simple pat. pat. pat.
But sometimes you aren't so lucky.

Like yesterday.

Sometimes there seems to be a need to touch every inch of the suspected area.

And so it begins. Dancing fingertips start at the top of your back.
stranger fingers
all over your back.
To the left.
To the right.
Too much to the left.
And yes, too much to the right as well.

Down, down, down your back the fingers dance.
"Stop!!" you scream (in your head of course).
"Curse the maker of hoods!!"

And just when things could get really uncomfortable, the fingers thankfully cease their dance.

"Thanks ma'am. You're done".
Gee. Thanks.

Then you sheepishly gather your belongings.
Run over to your traveling pal(s).
Silently ask forgiveness for cursing the maker of hoods.
And get a snack(s).
And vow to never, EVER wear a hood while traveling again.

Sunday, August 9


I most certainly did not dive into the backseat while coming home from the cabin

Reach into the trunk for the cooler that was filled with chocolate peanut butter pie goodness

Buckle myself into the backseat

Peel the tinfoil off the pie

Smell the goodness

And eat a large piece of pie
with no napkin.
and no fork.
only my fingers and finger licking goodness.

Nope- that would have been disgusting, desperate, and just plain piggish. I would never have done such a thing.

Monday, August 3

What I Learned At VBS

I killed a spider today.

Me. I did it.

It was teensy-tiny. It was brown.

But I was still scared. I gagged. I did a little "I'm scared of you" prance.

Yet, I mustered up the courage.

"And how did you do that?" you ask........ "Was it magic? A secret potion? The spider slayer appeared to help??"

Wrong, double wrong, triple wrong.

It was because today we learned in VBS today- "God is always with you, fear not!"

The lesson wasn't for me. In fact, I am about 12 years too old to attend VBS. Clearly, I am also about 12 years too old to be afraid to kill every single spider/beetle/ant. But I'm not too old to be reminded of God's truths!

So I killed that little stinker. He was as fast as lightening too. But God was with me, and I feared not!

I feel a poem coming on...........

Leaders can learn things at VBS too,
Like how God is with us through things old and new.
When creepy spiders are by the door
Creeping around so creepily on the floor,
Just pick up a shoe and smash that little critter
And cheer youself on like you are a home-run hitter.
Thank the Lord for helping you be brave,
And for the simple VBS truth that helped you today.

Saturday, August 1

25 Things About Me

I was reading through some things on my computer and found my "25 Things About Me" note that I posted on facebook in January. So I'm posting it on here. You, as the reader, fall into two categories and I have detailed instructions for you:

If you've already read this, you can
a. read it again
b. not read it again
c. eat a snack

If you haven't read this already, you can
a. read it
b. read it and eat a snack

Aren't I nice, giving you choices? Anyway, moving along..... I'm surprised all of these are still true- 7 months later!

1. I was saved because I saw the sun streaming through the clouds and I thought that heaven must look sometime like that and I knew God must have created all of it. I still have soul searching moments whenever I see a beautiful sky. I love window seats in airplanes and seem to not be able to stop staring out the window thinking about how Jesus saved me and how awesome heaven is going to be. It also makes me remember how small I really am. And why I am really on this earth. Like I said, MAJOR soul searching.

2. I love my house and the home my husband and I are making it. It will be so wonderful someday to fill it with the pitter patter of tiny feet, the music created by tiny hands, and to hear tiny voices call me "mommy".

3. I love purple because my mom brainwashed me.

4. I love junk food and will never give it up. Never. It's my new rule.

5. I listen to 89.5 every morning on the radio on the way to school.

6. I married my high school sweetheart and am in love with him.

7. I have dessert after dinner and snack before bed.

8. I love playing the piano. I'm a "notes on a page" kind of girl and wish I could fake like my sister and dad. I love singing and wish I could really SING.

9. I create stupid songs about everything the minute Dan gets home. I sing about dinner, cleaning, and whatever else comes up. I think it's because when I'm with him, my heart bursts with song. Corny, I know, but I really have a song in my heart whenever I am with him.

10. My husband thinks I'm funny. My mom thinks my husband thinking I'm funny is funny....because I'm really not.

11. I want my hair short when it's long and long when it's short.

12. I have wanted to teach since I was in kindergarten. I used to buy books and beg my brother to let me play teacher on him. I have over 500 children books.

13. Someday, I want to have a girl and name her Ava. I also want to have a Lily or Ella. And a Jack(son).

14. I love biking and wish I could bike more.

15. I love music. Any kind, anywhere. I find joy in all kinds of music. I owe my love of music to my parents, who pushed me through the hard years of "wanting to quit". Playing piano is now such a big part of who I am.

16. My brother and I played McDonalds before they actually made a McDonalds play set. We used to play amusement park too. And a lot of other fun things. I miss those times.

17. I really enjoy simple pleasures- my easy chair, ice-cream, freshly washed towels and sheets, new socks, inspiring fabric, thunderstorms, cookie dough found at the bottom of the freezer....

18. I am a worrier. About everything. My goal for this year is to surrender this part of who I am to the One I am striving to become more like every day.

19. I'm quickly realizing that surrendering is hard. I wrote a song about it. I play/sing it when I feel like I'm starting to worry. I sing it at least once a day. Like I said, surrendering is hard.

20. I am an aspiring sewer. I want to make purses and animals and quilts. I find joy in the doing and it is actually a calming experience, despite my perfectionist heart.

21. I had a pet rat named snowball. Dad killed him because he forgot to feed him. I didn't find out until I was twenty-two.

22. I love doing my devotions with a cup of tea. I wish I had time to do that more. Rather, I wish I made more time. We do what's important to us, right?

23. I was Cinderella my senior year. One of the top 10 best experiences of my life...even though it was in a really hard time of my life.

24. I appreciate my friends, family, and husband. I don't really enjoy being alone and feel safe when I'm with the people I love.

25. I love coupon shopping. When the receipt comes out of the machine, I get a thrill when I saved a lot of money.

So there you go. If you've never done this, I suggest you do! I guarantee it's fun, saves time, and saves money! (oh wait- that was the promise on a juice processor I almost bought....) Anyway, I guarantee it's fun, people learn things about you and you might even learn something about yourself!!