Saturday, August 29

Important News Alert


I love them.
a shameful amount.
an i-would-never-tell-anyone-how-much-i-think-about-cookies amount.

I recently had a new cookie.
oh. my. soul.

It's name in the recipe was a whoopie pie. But instead of that cake-like top and bottom (which is amazing as well), it had a cookie like top and bottom. With the delicious filling in the middle made of powdered sugar, cream cheese, and happiness.

yes, happiness.

I call it Whoopie Cookie.

And I loved it.
So much.
a shameful amount.
an get the point here.

I ate 3. And then they were gone.
My mouth and stomach burst into tears.
Well, you know, they would have if they had the ability to cry.

I will be making these for my loved ones (you). Because everyone needs to try a whoopie cookie. It will change your life. It could change the world. If all the world was made of whoopie cookies, oh what a world it would be.

that is all. i know you will most certainly be looking forward to your meet&greet&eat with whoopie cookie. i'll bring the camera.


  1. You never disappoint! And I am sure you won't with the whoopie cookie either!