Thursday, August 20


I've learned five important things about the sun this month......

What I learned about the sun in California:
1. Buying sunscreen and leaving it in your bag does not protect you from the sun's damaging rays.

What I learned about the sun in New Jersey:
1. Putting sunscreen on your arms does not protect your back from the burning rays either.
2. Even if you put two layers of sunscreen on your arms, it does not protect your back.
3. Sunscreen is easy to apply but even easier to screw up.
4. Red as the color of hearts, sweaters, apples, chapstick, candles, blankets, toothbrushes, curtains, fabric, and skittles = happiness and attactive wonderfuness in every way.
Red as the color of skin = burning, peely, sadness. If my back could cry, it would. And I would lend it a tissue.

But, as everyone agrees, it's still totally worth it to be outside in the warmth of the sun, especially when it's shared with the people you love. I just think by now, I should have the "how-to-apply-sunscreen" thing down. And clearly, I don't.

On a complete other note, I chose grapes as a snack yesterday and I was concerned. Fruit does not equal snack. It equals I-guess-i-should-eat-this-but-it-will-absolutely-not-satisfy-me-or-equal-my-snack-over-my-dead-body.

Today, however, I ate 9 peanut butter cookies. And a lot of chocolate chips. Like a lot. Like maybe 50. or 100. And I washed it down with cheez-its. Then ate more chocolate chips so I could end with a chocolate taste.

So grape-day must have been a fluke. Maybe my time in the sun confused my taste-buds. Whatever it was, I'm glad it's over.


  1. Sunscreen can be tough - maybe you should get the colored kind for kids, so you don't miss spots.

    Don't be ashamed of getting kid stuff. Grant bought me some kids stress relieving bubble bath yesterday called "Aromasaurus Stress." It's pretty awesome.