Monday, August 3

What I Learned At VBS

I killed a spider today.

Me. I did it.

It was teensy-tiny. It was brown.

But I was still scared. I gagged. I did a little "I'm scared of you" prance.

Yet, I mustered up the courage.

"And how did you do that?" you ask........ "Was it magic? A secret potion? The spider slayer appeared to help??"

Wrong, double wrong, triple wrong.

It was because today we learned in VBS today- "God is always with you, fear not!"

The lesson wasn't for me. In fact, I am about 12 years too old to attend VBS. Clearly, I am also about 12 years too old to be afraid to kill every single spider/beetle/ant. But I'm not too old to be reminded of God's truths!

So I killed that little stinker. He was as fast as lightening too. But God was with me, and I feared not!

I feel a poem coming on...........

Leaders can learn things at VBS too,
Like how God is with us through things old and new.
When creepy spiders are by the door
Creeping around so creepily on the floor,
Just pick up a shoe and smash that little critter
And cheer youself on like you are a home-run hitter.
Thank the Lord for helping you be brave,
And for the simple VBS truth that helped you today.


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