Friday, September 11

Leggo my Oreo

I can eat 4 oreos in one sitting.

That doesn't sound so bad until you know what I mean by one sitting.
In which I mean that when I get up for anything and sit back down,
a new sitting begins.

I may have had 3 sittings in one night.

I may have had 3 sittings in one night four nights in a row.

I may have bought two packs of oreos.
They may be almost gone.

And the scale may have gone up 5 pounds this week.
Which is a lot of oreos.
Especially when they are washed down with chocolate chip cookies.
and ice-cream.
and chips.

i need to stop.
and i can't.
i've got the oreo bug and i just can't squash it.
my heart is literally racing from the sugar.
and i love it.

i better get up and stretch so that a new sitting can begin.
because i just ate 5 more.
and any more in one sitting would be gluttonous.


  1. I have to avoid buying oreos, or things of a similar nature. My snacks right now are dried fruit, granola, veggie chips, and toothpaste - no, not toothpaste! It's just sitting right here with my snacks from my recent trip to Trader Joe's. Even the cookie dough that is sitting in my refrigerator and calling to me is made with 5-grain oatmeal stuff, whole wheat, and honey. Next time I make it, I'll see if using canola oil instead of butter and see if it still tastes good....

  2. It's hard not to hate you for eating so many snacks and staying thin.