Wednesday, September 23

The Once-A-Year Treat (unoffficially titled- Why The Heck Did I Buy Candy Corn Again?)


Stop me. please.

dear heavens, why did I go into CVS?
why did i go down the candy aisle?
why did i buy brachs america's #1 autumn mix candy (i.e.- candy corn)?

i thought to myself-
Ashley, you won't be able to stop.
Ashley, you feel sick after one candy corn.
Ashley, your heart races when you eat too much of these sugar bombs.

i still ate the sugar bomb.
actually, i ate most of the bag of sugar bombs.

i never do well with "mix candy". it's the ongoing battle of:
"did i eat enough of the chocolate bottom ones?" (the answer was no. so i ate more.)
"do i dare eat the giant pumpkin sugar bomb?" (the answer was yes. so i ate some.)
"did i fully enjoy the simplicity and originality of the regular ones? (the answer was no, so i ate some more.)

so i'll stop. now. because there is only about 20 left in the bag and i WILL NOT eat the whole bag.

and no, i'm not hoping i'll find a fallen candy corn in the blanket when i fold it up. after all the sugar bombs i ate, i would probably blow up...
or at least throw up.

but to eat one more delicious sugar bomb....what a moment that would be.


  1. i hear ya! i always buy them and get sick if i eat more than 3 or 4!
    on a completely (ok, not completely!) different note, exactly 28.57142857142857% of your posts mention food in some're the best!! =)
    don't ask me how long it took me to figure that out! i have no life! =O