Tuesday, September 29

**Peace Out Worry- Peace is in the House**

It's weird.

I have been feeling very
not stressed.
not worried.

And it's kind of strange.
And very relieving.
And very exciting.

How? Magic potion? Fanny pack filled with chocolately treats?

No....not this time.

I feel peace.
the peace that passes understanding

not the peace that is superficial.
what i feel when everything is perfect.
when everything is really very good and very true and very right.
and i pat myself on the back and say
"Good Job Kiddo for feeling peace when everything is perfectly peaceful"

it's that special kind of peace
the kind i never really knew if i believed in
and never thought i would have....

there are so many things i should be stressing about right now.
so many things i should be worried about.

and yet, i feel peace.

it's quite an amazing feeling.
i'm so glad i'm not in control
that Someone bigger and greater
My Creator
is deciding my future.
every part of my life.
even the small stuff.
even the stuff i tend to worry about.
He already has it planned out.
and He takes care of me.

He gives me that peace.
He's the only way to have peace beyond understanding.
And I'm glad I finally curled up at his feet.
And stayed there.

i still cry.
i still think.
but in every moment/minute/hour/day/or week that the emotions last....
i still feel peace.
and i praise Jesus for that.



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