Tuesday, September 15

A Sudden Realization

I realized today driving home from my sewing class that I was acting a lot like small 2nd graders can act at times.

In 2nd grade I am the teacher.
In my sewing class, I am most certainly the student.
And today, I realized I most certainly can act like a small child in a sea of people, vying for attention.

And so, here we are.....

1. Even though it's not a race to finish first and there is no prize,
I still want to win.

2. It's hard to not peek at other's work.

3. You want to be cool and make jokes.

4. You make a joke and no one laughs.

5. You attempt to make a joke again,
because surely no one heard you,
because surely you are terribly funny.

6. No one laughs again and you realize you're not funny. at all.

7. You want to do your work the best you can,
until you're tired and need a snack.

8. You want your teacher to love your work,
so you show her as many times as it takes for her to say "Nice job."

9. You actually showed your teacher your work 47 times in one hour
to have these possible showers of praise.

10. You leave feeling proud of your accomplishment
and you're pretty sure the teacher loved yours the best.
and you're pretty sure she is still thinking about how awesome you are
(even though a secret part of you knows she is not).


  1. One thought...the people in your class must be dead b/c you most certaintly ARE funny!!

  2. You are so funny. Are you going to Grammie's on Fri? Should Dave bring his keyboard?

  3. Nevermind, you'll be away. have fun