Wednesday, October 28

Current Food Addiction....

which you'd think would take over the previous addictions...
but actually is now just added to the list.
making the foods i am currently obsessed with
to basically, 96 items.

any hoots....

Caramels with cream centers are taking over my life.
I think about them.
Invent new ways to eat them.
Almost cry when I don't bring some to eat during the day.
And literally skip to the table when I get home
to eat the goodness.

And I currently am sitting in a filth of wrappers.

I'm not exactly sure why
But I go into whatever I do with both feet...

and I've jumped right into
heart-race causing
caramely goodness
creaminess creamy cream that is. just. so. sugary. creamy.
the words are leaving me.....
the love just flows from my soul.


i'm in love, i'm in love,
and i don't care who knows it.

*she twirls to stage left.
throws her hands in the air
sings a little ditty about caramels
shoves three pieces of the goodness in her mouth.
and exits.
barely fitting through the door.
but happy.


  1. You are a great commercial for caramel cremes. I doubt they are flying off the shelves anywhere, but with this post they just might! I hope you don't have to unbutton your pants :)