Thursday, October 15

Directions for the most amazing dinner ever in life:

**Note- you probably should read my MckMuscle post if you want this post to make a blessed sense**

Run to Wegmans.

Two chicken breasts.
A can of RoTel tomatoes with cilantro and lime.
Sour cream.

Got it?

Ok, grab a skillet.

Cut up the raw chicken muscle.
Dump it into the skillet with the tomato goodness.
Cook together until the chicken is cooked and the liquid is evaporated.
Yes, the muscle liquid. ew.

Ok, moving on.
That should take around 10 minutes.

While that is cooking,
take a tortilla
sprinkle a good amount of cheese
i prefer around 2 cups of cheese...

on each tortilla.
and i may sneak some straight up cheese mouthfuls on the side.

alrighty, moving along again.

So you have your cheese on the tortilla.
Throw on the chicken tomato goodness.

Fold in half.
Place on skillet again.

Cook for 3 minutes on each side
Which is just enough time
for your chicken/tomato and your cheese
to become a wonderful marriage of
chicken/tomato/cheese goodness.

Put on plate.
Sour cream for dipping.

A yummy dinner that cooks faster
than blogging about it.

P.S.- Serves two
P.S.S- a liiiitle spicy. not mouth-on-fire spicy or sunburn spicy. just a little tickle.


  1. yes it is a quesadilla! that would be it's name at the top of the recipe. i clearly forgot to mention that part. ha!