Tuesday, October 6


um chicken tenders are muscles.
chicken thighs are muscles.
steaks are muscles.
pork chops are muscles.

um. i want to know the guy who said "I'm hungry. I need a muscle. A muscle sounds delicious."
And then wandered off and ate that poor pork's rump.

that's disgusting.

i'm glad i wasn't there the day that eating muscles was deemed appropriate.
because it's all fun and games until someone loses a muscle.
through biting. chewing. swallowing.

i mean, seriously,
what if a chicken ate your rump?

i eat chicken. steak. pork is tricky, but i'll eat it.
am i the only idiot who did not think about what i was actually eating?

i thought it was MEAT.
i thought that there was a part of a chicken called meat!
Because my mom told me I was eating meat!
Because the cook told me I was eating meat!
I thought I was eating meat.
Meat is meat.....right?

No. There is a little bitty synonym that everyone in my life
failed to mention to me.
Meat = muscle.

And I'm sure you are wondering, but no,
I'm not actually a vegetarian after realizing this.
And I actually ate my muscle in nugget form tonight.

Which only slightly grosses me out.
But really, even with knowing this information
i should have known since i was 7,
chicken nuggets are still chicken nuggets.
which may be a synonym for muscle.
but is actually also a synonym for yummy.

so i'll eat you my mckmuscle, and your little breading too.