Thursday, October 8

RIP Draining Spoon

Plastic melts.

Plastic melts over boiling water.

Plastic melts over boiling water and may drip onto the stove.
Which may cause a small fire.

In three small minutes, a complete plastic draining spoon melted today on the stove.
And made a weird black plastic sculpture.
That slightly resembled brownie batter.
But smelled like tire batter.

And this creative little sculpture may have definitely caught on fire.

And I was upstairs getting out of work clothes into sweat pants.
And moving quickly.
Because honestly,
who wants to be dressed up for any more minutes
then they absolutely have to be.

Apparently, 3 minutes gone is too long.
Unless making melted plastic sculptures is your secret wish.

And it's fire prevention week.
Not fire creation week.
Which is too bad, because I would have won the gold medal today.

At least I can tell everyone that I "checked" my smoke detector.
I just won't mention how.


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