Sunday, October 18

A Sucker for Suckers (350 of them)

If you know me at all, you know I love a great deal.
Can't really ever pass up a great deal.

Even if it's sometimes (most of the time) slightly ridiculous,
I am instantly brainwashed by the sale-factor,
and lose sight of what i am actually buying.

i have bought 3 pounds of onions because they were on sale.
which the fruit flies wildly enjoyed.

i have bought a shirt on sale.
because it may fit me later.

i recently bought mint chocolate chip yogurt on sale
which i fortunately loved.
but a little risky, dontcha think?

Any hoots a holla,
this post mayyy be about one of those such times in my life.....

Amazon says "150 lollipops for 10 bucks".
A normal person says:
"Who the heck wants 150 lollipops?"
I say
"Oh my soul- I KNEW it was a lucky day!
6.6 cents for one lollipop if I buy 150? I'm in"

Oh dear friends, the story does not end there....

I keep reading Amazon's great deal.
I read:
"350 lollipops for only 15 bucks".

Now, a normal person doesn't even read this deal.
I, however, start freaking out.
"My soul! Have I JUST won the biggest prize ever???
4.2 cents for one lollipop if I buy 350?"
My eyes may have welled up in tears.

I go to the site to learn more.
I watch the movie about the lollipops.
I learn how real fruit juice go in them.
I learn how carrot juice gives them their color.
I drool over all the flavors.
I read reviews made by other suckers....

pun intended.

i'm hysterical.


I order.
And then they come in the mail.
I open the very large box.
And I think...
"What on this glorious green earth from heaven above was I thinking?!?"

But, because the box exploded candy
and my counter was now full of sugary goodness,
a enormous part of my heart was very excited.
and i exploded with laughter and glee.

So I ate one lollipop.
And let me tell ya,
the reviews don't lie.
And neither does the movie.
I have 349 to go.
And that's a lot of suckers.

So if you are my friend, please excuse my behavior for the next several months.
As I offer you lollipops.
And your children lollipops.
And your children's children lollipops.

Did I learn my lesson?
Probably not.
Next time there is a sale on candy.
I will probably buy it.
Because I'm a sucker for sales.
And I always will be.
And secretly I'm glad.
Because when I open the pantry and see lollipops everywhere,
My heart starts to flutter
because of excitement
and most likely a small part of sugar overload

which is a-ok with me.


  1. You're too funny! :) I can't help but wonder how much money your $15 would have ended up being if you had put it in a mutual money stock market interest checking thingy! That would be a LOT of lollipops! :)

  2. yeah, but sarah, i can't eat mutual funds...