Sunday, November 1


has been feeling a little bit like

burnt cookies
lucky charms with all charms gone missing
chocolate syrup that is now expired

But that's okay.

Because everytime I feel a bit shaky,
and the ground goes sandy.
the icecream goes melty.
and the diet pepsi goes flat.

It's my time to put on my running shoes
and go...
like speedy mczeedy
right back to the fact that
He is.
I am
most certainly not.

It's not up to me.
And that's okay.
His timing is perfect.
And I'm so thankful He is in charge.
Because I would really, really stink at it.

And I'm thankful that when I feel empty, He fills up my cup.
Because then I feel whole again.
And being filled with Jesus is amazing.

And I won't lie
and say feeling stinky doesn't stink.
cause it really does.

But I still put my shoes on
and run to Jesus
because things are better there.
and if stinky times
makes me run
and harder
and more often
to Jesus

then bring. it. on.


  1. love this post! i'm praying for you today! we all need our running shoes and i'm so glad you're using yours! love ya!