Monday, November 9

bless you made-up holiday season...bless you.

I would like to declare a new holiday
and it lasts for three days
and takes place the days following halloween

and it would be called
"Candy Extravaganza Day"
"Sweet Sugar Loving Day"
or simply..
"Delicious Day"

well whatever it's going to be called
happy holidays to me.
happy hootin holidays.

i discovered this holiday
while on a weekly adventure to target
and stumbled into the halloween clearance.

talk about a pathway of love
into more love
and more
and more
and more.

oh the candy.
i wish you all could have been there with me.
i felt like mrs. willy wonka
which i know you wonder if being his wife is actually my secret wish
but have you seen that guy?

and actually, he's made up.
true story.


i got 18 bags of candy
at target
for half off.

and yes i spent 40 dollars on an excessive amount of nonsense
that is called sugar love
but it was half off.
so basically, halfway to free.
works for me.

and the feeling i get in my heart
when i think
"what do i choose to eat for snack?"
and realize i have 25 choices
because i strategically made sure
i bought bags with multiple flavors of goodness

i could sing
i could dance
and i do
right to the special cabinet
that is brimming with happiness.
sweet sugar love.

i secretly wish for a pattern
to make a jacket
with 25 pockets
that i could stick one piece of sugar love
into each spot

sort of like an advent calendar
that i refill every day

speaking of advent calendars...
whoever decided one piece of chocolate would cut it is crazy.
it's hard enough to wait for Christmas
let alone telling me i'm only allowed to eat one chocolate
shaped like santa's hat
that actually fits an ant.

well either way
if you end up creating some sort of pattern
or sketch
or play-dough mold
whatever your medium
send it my way

the pockets could be secretly inside
or shamelessly outside
it doesn't matter to me
it's just my idea to make the world a little brighter
and my pockets full of love.
and the way to make my made-up holiday last for days on end.

happy delicious day to you.


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