Friday, November 13

He's thin, worth a lot, and sharp around the egdes....

yes, ladies and gentlemen.
the star of this post is the coupon.
all of those juicy, glorious papers secretly made of gold.

Yes I know you know I coupon.
Yes, I was serious before. But I am tee-to-tally loony for it now.

Today I got:
1 pumpkin pie
1 cool whip
1 Breyers ice-cream (negative cents paid!)
1 bag of tyson chicken tenderloins (9 dollar bag for 4 bucks!)
2 green giant steam vegetables
3 eight-ounce bags of shredded cheese
2 eight-ounce blocks of cheese
1 swiss miss hot chocolate 8 pack
2 pop-secret popcorn 3 packs
2 sweetened condensed milk
2 mentos gum packs (negative cents paid!)
1 pack of 4 sticks of butter
2 perdue short-cut chicken strips (5.99 each, got mine for 2.50!)
2 three-packs of yeast
2 brownie mixes
2 cookie mixes
2 icings
2 cookie doughs
1 EVOO (10 dollar bottle people for 4 bucks!)
1 vegetable oil
2 grand muffin packs
2 cinnamon roll packs

for 48.07. dollars people. regular dollar bills with no added gold or silver.
and the parenthesis i tenderly placed around some items were my big ticket sales.
but seriously, i could have parenthesis-ed up every stinkin item...

acme- you have seriously stolen my heart.

oh coupons. i love you almost as much as the food i bought.

now what the heck will i do with this food?
it's called stockpiling.
desserts were rock-bottom priced,
so i bought as many as i could with coupons and now i'm set.
and as you read above, lots of other sales were attacked as well.

like a bear in the wild.
i searched, pounced, and devoured!
and then i roared.

well, maybe it was a secret roar.
my husband is already a little worried.
although i was just skipping through the store and clapping....
i mean, that's totally normal, right?

next week, who knows what will be the mystery sale.
hopefully yogurt. and oreos.
oh sweet mother of pearl....let's not get started on the oreos.

the kicker people- not only did i spend 48.07, but i got 6 bucks off of my next purchase!! That's over 100 dollars in total savings today!

ahem......i did prepare a speech for this moment:
^clearing throat^
props and a big shout-out to my scissors.
coupon book.
money saving blogs.
my mom who showed me the blogs.
philadelphia inquirer.
to all the people at acme.
and to me.
because i feel pretty coupon savvy right now.
not that i'm going to brag and blog about it or anything.

or put up my receipt on the fridge.

well anyway, i hope you felt inspired to cut your own little clippings of treasure.



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