Wednesday, December 16

2nd Grade Says (unofficially titled *I deserve a medal for bravery....or at least for awesomely faking it"

Written in a journal entry:

"Mrs. Steevens is brave. She is brave when she sees spiters in chaple."

i remember this chapel day like it was yesterday....
pretty sure I said something on the lines of
"a spider? cool! let's let it crawl all over us and adopt it into the family!!"

oh wait...i think it actually went like this....
"a spider? super! i was surely hoping to see one of those today! take my picture with him!!"'s all coming back...i may have said
(in as calm a voice i could muster (picture high pitched voice with a couple squeaks)....)
"Wow...a spider...Mrs. Stephens doesn't really like them that much....let's let him crawl the wall and we'll try not to look at him. Mrs. Stephens is a little afraid. let's scootch over a bit"

yup. true honesty people.
and apparently true bravery.
because usually 2nd graders (and possibly sometimes on the occasion me)
scream and yell and beg someone to kill it.
and won't stop screaming and freaking out until it's dead.
and bravery simply equals staying calm.

but i was brave that day. (or was I too scared to kill it myself? i can't really remember...)
brave enough to let the spider live.
brave enough to not vomit in my mouth.  (except that i secretly did)
and pray that chapel would end soon. (possibly begging on my knees in my brain)
because i was certainly not going to kill that "spiter".

i love journal time.
children are just adorable.
i can't take their cuteness.
and i love that spiders and me and brave were all in one sentence.

but so help me heaven's beauty...may they never be in the same room as me again.


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