Thursday, December 10

2nd Grade Says.....

While journaling:
"Can I please put 3 excited marks in my story?"

After a moment....I realized this creative child meant "exclamation marks"
and I pseudonym should take over!

And I almost called...
whoever the people are that came up with the ridiculous hard names for parts of speech and end marks.....
because really, isn't "excitedness" exactly what those marks are for?

pure genius.

After a recess disagreement....
"I know she called me that!"
Me: How do you know?
"I recorded it!"
Me: What do you mean?
"My brain heard it and recorded it for me through my ears."

Right. Perfect sense. I always record things through my ears. How silly of me to forget!

In other blog has been...well...quiet lately.
It's been one of those couple-of-weeks.
And I'm not complaining.
Because the faster this month goes
the sooner Christmas is here.
But between work and work and couponing and work.....
I haven't much time
for creative juices.

Just a lot of time for milkshakes.
And collecting fat for winter.
I need to be warm you know.....
It's all for survival.

But I promise I will be back soon.
Because I'm been eating ever-so-much
And ever-so-deliciousness at that.

And I'm making 18 dozen cookies this weekend.
Which surely will bring at least one blog
............if I'm not in the ER for pumping of stomach
because I'm shamelessly thinking about
making a huge raw-eating dough ball
just. for. me.


  1. No! Don't simplify the English language!!! Don't you know that every year we lose more and more words? Word that are distinct, that provide the perfect nuances that other words lack. They are deleted from dictionaries from lack of use.

    Teach these children the importance of words!

  2. oh don't you worry- we do a lot of fun vocabulary work in my classroom. i just thought it was interesting/adorable how their brains translate the words i teach them.