Wednesday, December 23

2nd Grade Says

Preciousness flowed out of the mouths of 2nd grade today. I have been going over and over and reading version after version about why we celebrate Christmas and why exactly Jesus came. Today marked the 5th version we read of the story and their saucer eyes and quiet bodies were still present. It is amazing to see God working in even small children. I was truly blessed to be a part of that today.

Before our Christmas breakfast of munchkins, fruit, and Hawaiian punch (of course), I took "two" volunteers to pray. When 10 out of 12 hands quickly rose, I decided to let each of them pray. To hear each child's sweet prayer of thankfulness for Christmas touched me to the deepest core of my heart. It was so neat to hear most of my students center their prayer around the true meaning of Christmas.

The following (to the best of my feverish attempt to record his words in my brain) comes from a sweet little boy who is still learning about who Jesus is.....his words were so touching and my heart melted faster than Hershey meltaways..... (and those little guys melt fast)....

Dear Jesus, 

Make this be the best day ever. Make us be good. We love you so much. Make all our sins go away. We believe in you. We really love you. Make us have a "green" day and we love you. Make us have a fun day. 


I felt extremely blessed today to be a part of such a special prayer time
filled with similar prayers of love and belief and thankfulness.

It certainly helped
refocus my focus
and calm the hustle and bustle
and recenter my heart to the center of Christmas.

I am the teacher, but sometimes my students teach me.
And after these past two weeks of teaching, I truly find myself desiring...

that the story never feels old...
that my eyes always be saucers of wonder...
that my body and soul stay still and quiet whenever I hear...
that my prayers at Christmas and all year round be filled with belief and thankfulness
about who Jesus is.
why He came.
and being eternally grateful for his eternal forgiveness and life.

Merry Christmas.