Monday, December 21

I would possibly consider marrying snow days...

because i am in love with them so. much.
almost as much as cvs and acme.
and that's saying a lot.

Snow days are filled with indescribable fun.
And I've decided to create an informative post about the "can"s and "cannot"s of snow days.

First and foremost, there is to be no dressing up.
and because you want to anyway,
you can run around your house and scream
"I'm staying in my pajamas and no one can stop me!"

and no one can.

You can watch talk shows like it's your job.
You can eat like it's your job.
You can not shower like it's your job.

I'll certainly be working on my new careers today.

You can eat cookies for breakfast and chocolate for lunch.
well, that's every day thankyouverymuch.
but today, it can be while you are screaming about your pj's.

You can wrap Christmas gifts or unwrap candy wrappers.
You can work on doing both at the same time.
I can teach you.
They call me #1 Pro Wrap Attack.

ok, that's a lie.
but possibly my secret wish.


You can dance.
Create raps about wrapping and songs about snow.

No matter what your fancy, snow days must be filled with fun, dancing, and food.
There should be no cleaning.
No bed making.
No un-pajama clothing.
No vegetables.
And by all means, no exercise.

Shame on you if you did.

You just need to focus on partying like it's 2009. since it is.
true story.

so a big ho ho ho
and a merry
snow filled,
eating lots,
exercising none,
brain wasting tv watching,
dancing and singing
day to you.

may yours be as merry and bright as mine.


  1. Ahh snow days. I'm glad you were able to take Monday as a snow day. Can't wait to see you on Christmas!

    Thanks for your email regarding my Bday!