Sunday, January 31

My blog

has officially reached 1,000 visits
since September
when I finally put a tracker on.

this must be what boys feel like
when their car rolls over that 100,000 mile mark.

because i may have just kissed my blog.
and i'm pretty sure boys kiss their car when that happens.
or at least they pet it.
and i may have also just petted my computer.

and i may have had to look to see if "petted" is a word.
it is.

go lemons.

good excuse to make a cake.
and eat the whole thing.
not that i need an excuse.....

Saturday, January 30

A love note.....

Dear CVS,

I love you. A lot. If I had one wish, it would be that you could be human. I'm pretty sure we would be friends. You seem really nice, with your shiny bright sign and that extra care you always are giving out. You make my weekend exciting and my free soap/razor/toothbrush/shampoo/condition every day so inviting. I can tell you really love me. Much more than rhymes-with-ballgreens and rhymes-with-white-aid. I always take from you and you always just give right back. You never question my coupons and you email me presents. You are open early and late and are always ready for a date with yours truly even when I take the last of the pita chips. I really appreciate your small caramels as well.

Thank you for always being there.
And for your extra care.
If I could ever repay you I would...
Um, actually I wouldn't,
because that would be a lot of couponing gone to waste.
that was awkward.

I love you.
Thanks for always being you.

Yours truly.
Forever and always.

Thursday, January 28

Two items of business

Isnot fun.
If I could once again wake up and smell the roses
I would.

Is a lot of fun.
Which is why I put a fork in it
and ate.

Another thing....
Tissues are a great invention.
Although eventually,
your nose wants you to stop harassing it
and it starts yelling at you
by attacking your face
with redness.
and rawness.
and ugliness.

tip: place nose under cold running water.
and stay there.
and sigh in relief.
but lock the door first.
or your husband may laugh at you.
and let all your friends know that you did remember to sanitize afterwards
so they aren't afraid to use the sink.

but don't feel bad for me that i've been sick.
i've rewarded myself with lots of treats.
lots of cake.

and i'm supposed to be "being good"
and i was doing a great job.
and since i can't taste much
you would think I would lose a lot of weight

why eat if you can't taste?

good question.

i, however, just keep eating things to check my tastebuds
you know, since i'm so worried about them.

...I wonder if i could taste skittles.
one bag later....
i wonder if i could taste chocolate.
one bar later...
i wonder if i could taste a pizza.
one tonys pizza later...

you would think i would stop after one skittle.
one bite of chocolate.
one sliver of pizza.

or maybe you didn't think that
because you know my relationship with food.
and how food and i are going strong in our relationship
almost 25 years.
filled with love and happiness.

and anyway....what if my tastebuds started to work mid skittle!

except they didn't.

but today,
as i ate cake
a miracle happened!
i could taste some of that
sweet dreamy cream frosting
my oh my.

and it was amazing.
and i loved it.
and i need to stop blogging
and get some more.

so this is the end for now.

so whatever cake is your fancy
go get some
and i'll meet you back here soon.

Saturday, January 23


I've got peace like a river.
except sometimes I don't.
and I feel all dried up.

It's easy to accuse Him
of not giving me all that I need.
Even though I know
He always gives me exactly what I need.

And what I need
all I need
is Him.

even still,
right now,
I feel pretty dried up right now.
and tired.

and that makes me sad.
because I want to always feel filled up
with Jesus
and always abide in the truth that
He is enough for me.

Life's hard.
No one denies that.
But I can't imagine
not having Jesus to hold on to.

I just have to remember to actually hold on
and ask Him to fill my cup
and allow that cup to continuously overflow
with only Jesus

and be okay with that.

and when I finally do remember to hold on
and allow myself to be filled up with Jesus
my heart cannot help but be filled with
overflowing joy
and indescribable peace.

and so I am choosing to hold on.
and press on.
and be filled with Jesus.

          Fill My Cup, Lord
          Richard Blanshard
          Like the woman at the well I was seeking For things that could not satisfy: And then I heard my Savior speaking: "Draw from my well that never shall run dry".
            Fill my cup Lord, I lift it up, Lord! Come and quench this thirsting of my soul; Bread of heaven, Feed me till I want no more Fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole!
          There are millions in this world who are craving The pleasures earthly things afford; But none can match the wondrous treasure That I find in Jesus Christ my Lord.
            Fill my cup Lord, I lift it up, Lord! Come and quench this thirsting of my soul; Bread of heaven, Feed me till I want no more Fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole!

Wednesday, January 13

Resolution Revolution

I don't do well with New Year Resolutions.
I consider calling them New Year Torture-lutions.

Usually my resolutions have to do with:
eating only things that are green
(Enter thoughts of dyeing cake and brownies and chips green....)
or exercising every day
(Enter thoughts of counting blow-drying my hair and chewing cookies as exercise)

Let's just say I'm not too good
at keeping resolutions.
And I usually get over it quickly.

However, there was one resolution
that I made a few years ago
and I was sad when I got behind
so I just decided to stop.

Enter "reading through the Bible".

My habit-forming Bible-loving resolution-following husband also made this resolution.
He read every single solitary blessed day from January 1st to December 24th.
Yes, I did say December 24th.
Yes, I know there are 31 days in December.

He finished early.
hate him.
*okay, just secretly jealous.*

I, on the other hand, tapered off around,
January 4 1/2 or so...

I'm not sure why I didn't find the time.
Other "important" things just had to come first.
(ahem...these were clearly "non-important" things sneakily disguised as "important")
Shame on you tv, oven, sewing machine, mall, and pillow!
ok, ok, shame on me.

Enter 2010.
January 9, 2010 to be exact.
I started thinking again about this resolution that I gave up
four days in.

Pretty sure God wrote the Bible.
Pretty sure He loves me and would even die for me.
Pretty sure He did.
well technically, Jesus did.
but technically, they are the same person.
so there.

and by "pretty sure" i mean
positively- absolutely- without a doubt- amen.

Anyway, back to the Book.
He asks me to read it.
He asks me continually for 24 years.
He commands me to meditate on His words.

Sure, I've read lots of it- maybe most of it!
But have I read all of it?

Enter: Big Fat No

Now if my best friend wrote a book....
I would find the time to sit down
and read it during every spare moment,
even put aside the "important" things I had to do...
just so I could finish it.

I would buy 100 copies and give to to everyone I know.
I would read it cover to cover...392 times.
I wouldn't need a New Year to begin it.

I wouldn't go to her and say...
"You know that book you wrote? 
That's pretty cool and all. 
But I have a lot of shows to catch up on. 
And well, those brownies won't bake themselves".

Enter epic fail.
You get the point.

And though I'm sure I would never do this to a friend
family member
spinning instructor
Betty Crocker

I did it to God.
I did it for 24 years.
technically 5 of those I couldn't read....
but still, 19 years is pretty bad.

And on January 9th, 2010,
as all of this was twirling in my brain
at the hour of 11p.m.
I realized it wasn't too late to start.
There were no laws about New Year resolutions.
Heck, I could start in May if I wanted too.

And so the next morning,
on January 10th,
at the crack of dawn
or maybe it was a few hours after that...
I woke up and read Genesis 1 and 2.

And I will keep going.
I'm determined this time.
I want to read my Heavenly Father's book
from cover to cover.
and not make excuses.
and find the time.

And if I finish next January, great.
If it takes me until next May, that's fine too.
Pretty sure it was never a race.
Pretty sure there is no gold medal
(possibly because my husband already won it)

I do think it's important to take time every day and read God's word.
But I don't always do it.
And sadly, sometimes,
I feel like I know Betty Crocker and Amy Butler better.

So a-reading I shall go.

There will be "those" days.
But hopefully I can keep remembering to put the
"sneakily disguised as important non-important" things
on the shelf
even try and let those brownies bake themselves
and revolutionize my resolution ways.
and read
all 1189 chapters.
written by
the creator of the universe
who took time to write a book
to guide me
comfort me
strengthen me
and teach me.

and if I want guidance, comfort, strength,
and want to be taught
(and certainly the good Lord and I both know I need a lot of teaching)
then I better get reading.

and this time,
the whole thing.

Tuesday, January 12

My Utmost Apologies

Dearest husband,

I know you super loved your little Christmas present.
which were Wonka Christmas Frosty nerds.
your candy of choice.

my love, you are the smartest man i know.
but i'm not sure why you left your
Wonka Christmas Frosty nerds
in the driver's side pocket
in my car.

because, my sweetest,
as I was driving in traffic today
I desperately needed a snack
and was so desperate
I almost had to eat an orange.

but then....
a glorious moment.
I saw them,
the corner of the box
shining like the brightest star.

And so I ate
possibly like a pig
dumping the nerds from the box
into my mouth
letting them fall........

those glorious beads of sugary wonderfulness.

I let every one fall into my mouth.
except the lonely watermelon ball that rolled to the land of nowhere
under my seat.

So, my dear husband,
my utmost apologies
for eating your favorite edible treat.

and I will certainly make it up to you
by buying you brand new Wonka nerds
as long as you share.
and I get all the watermelon.

ok. i'll split the watermelon with you 80/20.

I love you.
Thanks for loving me
and my sugary addiction.
If it's worth anything
I'm totally addicted to you too.