Saturday, January 30

A love note.....

Dear CVS,

I love you. A lot. If I had one wish, it would be that you could be human. I'm pretty sure we would be friends. You seem really nice, with your shiny bright sign and that extra care you always are giving out. You make my weekend exciting and my free soap/razor/toothbrush/shampoo/condition every day so inviting. I can tell you really love me. Much more than rhymes-with-ballgreens and rhymes-with-white-aid. I always take from you and you always just give right back. You never question my coupons and you email me presents. You are open early and late and are always ready for a date with yours truly even when I take the last of the pita chips. I really appreciate your small caramels as well.

Thank you for always being there.
And for your extra care.
If I could ever repay you I would...
Um, actually I wouldn't,
because that would be a lot of couponing gone to waste.
that was awkward.

I love you.
Thanks for always being you.

Yours truly.
Forever and always.


  1. Dear Ashley,
    You and your blog are my new favorites.
    Shelly =)