Thursday, January 28

Two items of business

Isnot fun.
If I could once again wake up and smell the roses
I would.

Is a lot of fun.
Which is why I put a fork in it
and ate.

Another thing....
Tissues are a great invention.
Although eventually,
your nose wants you to stop harassing it
and it starts yelling at you
by attacking your face
with redness.
and rawness.
and ugliness.

tip: place nose under cold running water.
and stay there.
and sigh in relief.
but lock the door first.
or your husband may laugh at you.
and let all your friends know that you did remember to sanitize afterwards
so they aren't afraid to use the sink.

but don't feel bad for me that i've been sick.
i've rewarded myself with lots of treats.
lots of cake.

and i'm supposed to be "being good"
and i was doing a great job.
and since i can't taste much
you would think I would lose a lot of weight

why eat if you can't taste?

good question.

i, however, just keep eating things to check my tastebuds
you know, since i'm so worried about them.

...I wonder if i could taste skittles.
one bag later....
i wonder if i could taste chocolate.
one bar later...
i wonder if i could taste a pizza.
one tonys pizza later...

you would think i would stop after one skittle.
one bite of chocolate.
one sliver of pizza.

or maybe you didn't think that
because you know my relationship with food.
and how food and i are going strong in our relationship
almost 25 years.
filled with love and happiness.

and anyway....what if my tastebuds started to work mid skittle!

except they didn't.

but today,
as i ate cake
a miracle happened!
i could taste some of that
sweet dreamy cream frosting
my oh my.

and it was amazing.
and i loved it.
and i need to stop blogging
and get some more.

so this is the end for now.

so whatever cake is your fancy
go get some
and i'll meet you back here soon.


  1. i saw the most amazing recipe today - it was for mini almond cakes with berry drizzliness.

    Amazing! I can't wait to try it. Maybe I'll have you and Dan over for dinner and I'll make it then....

  2. sounds wonderful. we should do dinner soon anyway- its been too long!

  3. you need puffs plus with lotion - then your snot comBines with the lotion in the tissue and makes a lovely protective coating so your nose doesn't get raw. Just don't think aBout it too closely. And don't try to clean your glasses with them, either :)