Tuesday, February 23

Here a peep. There a peep. In my mouth a peep peep.


I love their peepness.
their marshmallowy insides.
their sprinkly outside.
their bright yellow suit.
the way they stand so tall and proud.
and their special brown eyes that look up
from their package at me and say
"Pick me. Let me be your peep."

And since I certainly can't pick just one...
only because that would be rude and for no other reason.....
I eat the whole coop.

I eat their brown dotted eyes first.
I don't know why.
I always wonder if they are chocolate.
They never are.

But I always give it a try
just in case things are different.

And then I gobble the rest up in no particular order.

I once found three peeps
sitting in a chocolate boat.
They drowned
Because I ate them.
And then I ate their boat.

Peeps mixed with chocolate?
Definitely made it into the top 20 food experiences....

Anyway, I gladly welcome seasonal candy treats.
Especially this season.
The one that comes after the-hard-to-follow
Valentines extravaganza....

Enter the famous Easter treats....
Cadbury eggs.
(yes, regular and mini)
Peanut butter cup eggs.
Jelly bean eggs.

and of course,
the star of this post....
and not an egg at all....
the peep.

he may be small.
he may not have chocolate eyes.
he may need a nose job.

but he's my peep.
and he has stolen my heart.


  1. but do you know about the caramel cadbury egg?