Tuesday, February 9

I'm just wondering....

Does anyone else celebrate everything with food?

I found out today I have a snow day tomorrow.
My instant reaction was not
"Yay- I'm going to work out and clean tomorrow!"
"Oh great- I was hoping to cut some fruits and vegetables for the week"

No- it was something like....

"Awesome! Pizza to celebrate! And let's order a large so we keep on celebrating tomorrow!"

Possibly this is why I lose weight as slow as turtles win races.

Actually, I lose weight quickly.
But I gain it quickly back.

I say "Farwell" to one pound on Monday.
I say "Back so soon?" on Tuesday.
I say "See ya later sucker." on Wednesday.
Then on Thursday I say to that pound,
"You brought all your friends with you? 
Why? I didn't mean to eat the whole thing."

except I did mean to eat the whole thing.

because I eat food to celebrate like hallmark sells cards.

and that's a lot.
true story.

And just as I am ending this blog post,
my husband is arriving with pizza.
The celebration must begin
and it can't begin without me.

So excuse me while I stuff my face
with greasy, cheesy, doughy
pizza loving.



  1. I'm trying to think what G and I do if we're celebrating something. We don't usually celebrate with food.

    Maybe we're happy and then we snuggle?

    Does that count?