Monday, February 8


I did not cry with happiness
and giggle with glee
when I found a Reese's Fastbreak
in my glovebox from my sweet husband..

I knew I was "counting points" and this would be a lot of points.

So I put it back in the glovebox and
drove the final mile on my way to teach piano.

I certainly did not open that bad boy
And chomp down on that chocolate
and peanut butter.

all that creamy dreamy loving.
my oh my.

I didn't eat it in record time.
And say "Power is mine!"
as I swallowed the sugary goodness.

I didn't let the hard work I did at the gym this morning
go to waste.
Skinny was worth it.

I acted completely like me.

Always able to pass up a chocolate bar.
Always able to stay within my points.
Never getting emotional at chocolate.
And never saying "yes" to temptation.

And if you feel like you can't believe me,
You will never know if I am telling the truth.
Because I always clean out the trash in my car.
It's always spic and span in there.

Just please never ask for a ride.
Especially tonight.
My friend has eaten a lot of food in my car lately.

My friend who isn't me.

And I've taken out all the trash.
Basically, my car is too clean.
It would hurt your eyes.

*she does not escape to her car and hide the Fast Break wrapper.
just in case you ask for a ride.
she does not lick the wrapper clean first.
she is not a pig.
she is not obsessed with food.
not her.
not me.*

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