Wednesday, March 10

Another bad case of ICP

at the Acme
near my home
was a sad, sad day.

It seems it has caught the internet-coupon-phobia (ICP)
duh duh dun.

This greatly saddens me because I have never been hassled about using internet coupons before at this particular Acme. They did finally take my coupons, but would not double two of them. And it took forever because they checked. every. blessed. one. It was a very long, frustrating ordeal.

So now I'm left with what to do when fought with about using coupons used from 
the internet 
!double shock!

I can tell you what NOT to do.....
I won't tell you how I know.

1. Never say things like "Well I will just have to shop at another Acme then" when you don't have another Acme near you. 

2. Never think things like "Stupid Acme, I hate their guts" when you shouldn't hate anyone and it's weird to be hating on something's guts anyway. Plus when you start thinking about hating guts, it's one step closer to coming out of your brain through your mouth.

3. Never, EVER battle grumpy employees. Pulling out the big guns and saying things like "I'm a couponer- I know Acme takes these" and "I've been doing this for years and I've never had a problem" only make the employee round up her army. They then will form a semi-circle around you and start shooting dagger-eyes at you and just keep saying over and over "We will take these this time but we won't double them". 

4. And never try and explain couponing to them, or they will just reply by saying "We will take these this time but we won't double them".

5. And never try and explain again, because they will just keep repeating "We will take these thi........"

And what does "this time" even mean?
Why will you?
Will you not next time?
Are you writing my name down so that all employees will know I've had my "this time"?

This is very frustrating to me. I feel like I can't use my internet coupons in faith anymore. There has been too many close calls. And then today, a dollar of doubling was lost. 

And I know it's not that big of a deal.
But when you sit and plan and go
and the employee you happen to be working with
gets annoyed
and screamy
and starts getting a rash from her ICP
it is very upsetting.



feeling better.

anyway, I feel like I need a new strategy. One that doesn't start with me: 
a. sounding full of it. "I'm a couponer"
b. sounding like i have other Acmes nearby. "Well I'll just shop at other Acmes then"
c. sounding like a seasoned couponer when I look like I'm 13. "I have been coming here for years"

But what to do?
Lay down my sword coupon book and surrender?
Duke it out?
Fight to the finish?

I really wish I knew.
I want to stand up for myself.
I think it's fine to do so
but sometimes it feels really hard to not get carried away.

In the end, it's only a few dollars
but it's my testimony too
which is worth more than a few dollars
even thought i don't always act like it.

like today
at the Acme
near my home.


  1. when i went to cvs the other day and got $50 of stuff for $3 (with $7 bucks back of course, ahem...) the cashier was MAD at me. she scolded me and told me, "you ought to be ashamed of yourself!" i tried to explain to her that her store will get reimbursed for the coupons they've accepted but she was mad. it was unsettling. but then i went to acme the next day and the girl at the register cheered for me. i guess if you want to get a bunch of great bargains sometimes you've just got to eat some humble pie--which isn't nearly as delicious as any other kind of pie.

  2. Steve told me that happened to you!! Horrible!! It was very upsetting today because I just want to use my legal coupons quietly and then leave. but they make me feel like a criminal and then i feel like i have to defend myself. i hate it!! needless to say, i got 50ish (presale and coupons) dollars of groceries for 4ish dollars and i have 15 bucks for next time. so it was a success. just not a quiet one.

  3. um, and by 4 dollars, i mean 14.

  4. I'm so sorry that happend to you guys! It's good to know that it does happen though. While it is frustrating, and I would have been REALLY REALLY annoyed =( at the cashier, I think that they have to be thinking if we aren't paying full price it's going to get docked from their pay somehow! Smart shoppers should not be belittled or stared down. Shame on them! I would call corporate and tell them how you were treated. They always say that they want to know about your shopping experience. They had not reason to suspect that your coupons were counterfeit. It's unfair for them to do so. See what they have to say. PR should matter. Clearly, you aren't on the FBI watching list for counterfeit coupons! I'm sure they've had some phony internet coupons and that just makes them even more hyper. It's not the $, it's the principle!

  5. My Acme has a sign at the register that says they don't accept internet coupons. :( Does Shoprite?