Sunday, March 21


*sometimes dusts with the vacuum

by sucking up the dust

so i don't have to use arm strength.

*messy buns and hairsprays to avoid hair washing

so i can sleep 10 extra minutes.

it's always worth it.

*really wants to diet. but just ate a reese cup.

licked the wrapper too.

*loves coupons but sometimes throws things.

scissors are bad to throw.

*has bags of free drugstore items in the closet.

and by closet i mean basement.

and by basement i mean an actual bedroom that should be used for something

that i shove everything with no purpose into.

including the Christmas tree.

it's on the floor.

next to the rite-aid bags.

and the workout dvds.

but certainly not next to the reese cups.

they are right next to me.

*this story is true.


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