Wednesday, March 3

Growing Pains

I wish I could say I was always.....

trusting the Lord.
without questions.
without fears.
without worries.

enjoying today.
thankful for yesterday.
looking forward to tomorrow.

each moment.
in everything.
with a full heart.

it's hard to pray
to the One 
who allows the situations in our lives 
that cause us to
struggle in
complete trust, 
and being filled with joy.

the truth is....
it's those situations 
that teach us how to become 
patient- in all things
trusting- never questioning
and joyful- filled with the joy of the Lord.

This life isn't about
walking the rainbow of happiness
with the only storms consisting of 
chocolate rain and candy cane umbrellas.

It's about growing to become more like Christ

and sometimes growing hurts...


it is those times that I seem to grow the most
because all I can do in those times of trial is
seek the joy of the Lord
which gives me the strength to
trust Him
and wait patiently
and joyfully.

So though it feels tough,
and chocolate rain sounds really nice,
I thank God 
for allowing me opportunities to
to become more like Him.