Saturday, March 6

Rite Aid Deals- 3/7-3/14

So my momma has been begging me
to share my deals with her.
It just so happens I love sharing my deals.
So I am going to start putting my Rite Aid scenarios
on my blog
for her
and possibly your

There may be other deals
hopefully not better ones
but these are the deals that I put together.
And buy your papers!!
And read your Bible!!! (clearly not related to this post, but important none-the-less)

John Frieda Products (select)- 3 for $15.
Use (3) $3 off coupons from 3/7 Smart Source which is in the Sunday paper (abbreviated SS)
Use 1 $1 off coupon from Rite Aid Video Values
$5 out of pocket.
Submit receipt online and get a $5 Single Check Rebate (abbreviated SCR).
Total Cost- FREE

Almay Products- BOGO
Use (2) $2 off coupons off any almay cosmetic from the 2/7SS
Submit receipt online at get a $5 SCR
Total Cost varies...but very close to free, if not free. I'm making it cost $3 total in the scenario below

Covergirl Products- BOGO
Use BOGO Face coupon from 2/7PG to get both FREE
Rite Aid employees sometimes will try and let you not use a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale. so whip out your Rite Aid Coupon Policy and prove it. because it CLEARLY states you can.

Gillette Deodorants- 2 for $8 (other deodorants included- this is the best deal)
Use (1) $4 off coupon from the 2/21 PG
Submit receipt online and get a $2 SCR
Total Cost- 2 for $2

Oral B Toothbrushes (various)- $2.74
Use (1) $1 off coupon from the 2/21 PG
Submit for $1 SCR
Total Cost- .99


3 John Frieda Products ($15)
2 Almay Products ($7ish)
2 Cover Girl Products ($7ish)
Gillette Deodorants ($8)
Oral B Toothbrush ($2.74)
Give coupons in this order:
$5 off 25 Rite Aid Coupon from online $5 off $25
$1 John Frieda coupon from Rite Aid video value
BOGO Cover Girl (making both items free)
$2 Almay coupons (use two- $4 total)
$1 Oral B coupon
$4 Deodorant Coupon
$3 John Frieda coupons (use three- $9 total)

Submit Rite Aid Receipt online and get $13 in SCR's back
That's a $4.26 Money Maker....
besides the fact that you just got all of that for FREE!

swooning over here.


  1. you could also use the coupon for the free gillette body wash with the purchase of any gillette deoderent. =)

  2. okay, I SO want to learn this. Please tell me which papers you buy and how many. Sometimes I buy a paper and it doesn't have the coupon section... I know I'm doing something wrong. Thanks (and I secretly want to be like you) (not a secret anymore).

  3. Crystal- our area (sadly) doesn't get the red plum insert. I check each paper to make sure it has the other ones- sometimes an insert is randomly left out so i check to make sure i'm getting all i pay for!! i buy between 3 and 5 papers and i usually get the inquirer. is this crystal from church? :)

  4. Ashley~
    I have been looking for that RP insert! I've seen someone else reference it too. That stinks.
    Okay, thank you so much!
    and yes, Crystal from church. :) We (Eddie and I) were talking with Dan last week in the HI class.
    Also, it often says one coupon per purchase or something. and sometimes they let me use more than one, sometimes not. i find it's more often than not. is there a reason for that?

  5. Thank you for sharing your $ saving ideas Ashley! This is all new to me...LOVE IT! I happily spent .86 cents (in tax) on $20.86 worth of product today! I AM ADDICTED!!! I love the look on the cashier's face when they ask you for ".86"?

  6.'s tough to call. I think I am going to email Rite Aid and ask what the policy actually is on that.
    Also- the courier DOES get the red plum, but it is a sad sad version of it (like 5 pages of coupons and the rest advertisements)- and their smartsource is usually not as good, so i just stick with the inquirer.
    Molly...I'm glad you are getting into it! I'm addicted forever.