Tuesday, April 13

*Cuteness For Sale*

My friend Sarah is now selling her adorable hair clips online! 
They are presh. 
and fresh.

She uses high quality felt and embroidery floss
and large snap clips 
that will even stay in fine hair.

These would have been nice
when I was little...
I was a fine girl with some big bad fine hair...
and my dear mother had to use hair glue 
to put bows in the small curl of hair on the top of my head.
Pink Squeeze would have come in handy then!

My favorite is the "Ruby". 
What's yours?
Click on the "Pink Squeeze" picture on my sidebar to see for yourself!
or you can just click here!


  1. Thanks so much Ashley! You're so sweet for offering to do this for me! =)

  2. They are awesome- they are done so well! I may have to get some for my own hair!