Tuesday, April 27

I feel breathless...

as I read and learn about C2 fractures.

People are paralyzed.
God spared Dan from paralysis.

People die.
God spared Dan from death.

The doctor told us 97 out of 100 of these cases
end in death or paralysis.

The chills I get when I write that...
that my 27 year old husband almost lost his life...
or his ability to live a life where he has full mobility...
I just can't explain.

I sometimes can't believe he is here
sitting next to me
and able to still hold me.

God was so so so gracious to us.

God doesn't promise to
always give us "happy endings" in a worldly standpoint.
That's not what life is about.
Life isn't about us being happy.
It's about giving God glory in all circumstances.
Even hard ones.
Even permanently hard ones.

And yet, sometimes,
even though they are certainly not owed to us,
God chooses to bless us with happy endings.

And even though Dan and I are not at the end of this long road,
I already feel blessed.
I already feel the happy ending
as I hold my husband
and he holds me back.

And I could not thank God enough
for being so gracious.
He chose not to take husband from me.
He chose not to take Dan's mobility away from him.

God blessed us
by giving us opportunities
through this trial
to see and feel Him in such a new way.
and God blessed us
by sparing us from a permanently hard situation.
How could I ever stop thanking Him?
His blessings overflow.

God gave us everlasting life
if we accept Him as our Savior.
What more could we ask for?
It's already more than we deserve.

And yet, God gave Dan and I
this precious gift...
a second chance at life...
a life that will be filled with holding hands, snuggling, biking, running, and so forth...
my cup runneth over.


  1. praying praying praying. God bless you both and thank you for sharing your journey!