Saturday, April 10

It was one of those days....

We had a scare this morning when Dan woke up tingling and with some numbness.
It was frightening.
I tried to stay calm
but inside I panicked big time...
and it may have come out a little bit more than a little bit...

I tried to picture God's hand in it
but it felt too hard.
Again, I wanted to take my fears and clutch them to me.
I felt like if I held on to them,
maybe I could somehow think them away.

But I couldn't.
And all I could do was
just cover my face with my hands
and pray
and shakily give the fears to the Lord
who steadily took them from me.

In the end, the tingling and numbness
according to the doctor who called us back 5 and a half hours after we called...
was not related to Dan's C2 breaks...
that it could have been because Dan was cold or slept funny the night before.

The doctor was pretty sure...
(and I'm someone who likes definite answers....)
so the doctor's phone call
left me pretty okay
but a little bit not.

Again, I had to give my fears to the Lord.
Again, it was hard.
But again, the Lord took them from me and
I felt peace.

When I look back,
it was certainly one of those days
especially for my sweet husband.

There was some shaking
some tingling
some throwing up
and a whole lot of fear...

But God took all of that away
(He is so so gracious to us)
and here I am...
sitting on the couch...
with a peacefully sleeping husband
and a heart filled with peace.

How great our God is.


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