Monday, April 5

Our God is Gracious

I am so so thankful that Dan can walk. 
hold my hand. 
Words cannot express. 

Dan is sleeping in an easy chair. 
I am so thankful to hear him breathing. 
I keep looking through all of our pictures. 
I keep thinking about all the adventures 
the Lord has already allowed us to take together.
how He has done more than enough for Dan and I.
He has blessed us so incredibly
just by giving us each other.
He doesn't owe us anything.

It means so much that God spared Dan's life.
He keeps our hearts beating.
He owes us nothing.
Yet, He is gracious.
I am so so thankful that I can look at these pictures and say 
"We will be able to do these things again". 

     Rodeo in Dallas

           Hiking in New York

Legoland in California   

  San Diego 

Punta Cana             

 Backpacking in NY

Boat Cruise in San Francisco  


  Schroon Lake-ing

Sightseeing in San Francisco      

 New York City

Biking in Pennsylvania

God is so good to us. 
He didn't have to spare Dan's life
or spare him from paralysis.
He chose to.
and we will be forever grateful.