Sunday, April 11

Snacks are Back

The Lord has certainly been teaching me a lot
and I have wanted to share everything I have been learning
and forgetting and learning again. (just being honest over here...)
and I will always always write about those things
because they are so important to me.

But for those of you that are new readers since Dan's accident....
I want to explain this blog.
It's a smorgasbord of different topics 
I like to write about good times.
hard times.
learning times.
simple pleasures.
and a lot about food.
and snacks.

I may have an obsession with food and writing about it.

And though my mind has been far from food
the past week....
I would like to say that last night, 
my appetite found my blog again
and they embraced in a long welcome.

I went out 
with my mom and sister
for a little birthday outing (happy 19th to Nicole)
while my Dad lovingly stayed with Dan
and held the puke bowl for him 
and took all of my calls about Dan's neck
and gave him his medicine
and cleaned the puke bowl...
(best dad ever).

And while we were out, I had a snack that blew my mind.
and it certainly is one to share about.
my oh my.
And so I may have gone to McDonalds once twice
once on the way and once on the way back
of our little birthday outing...
just to taste the awesomeness.

Seriously people, 
this snack is the. best.

Enter: The Big Mac Snack Wrap
Picture all the goodness found in a big mac.
The meat, lettuce, cheese, pickles,
and that secret sauce
which tastes like Thousand Island Dressing
because it probably is...

in a tortilla.

Yes, my dear friends.
The makers of the big mac
and the makers of the tortilla
teamed up to bring this amazingness.


And so I had it twice yesterday.
And I renamed it as the
"Big Mac Snack Attack"
which my sweet mother
shouted into the drive-through speaker
because I forgot to tell her
that was this special treat's made up name
and not the real name.

And we started laughing and laughing.
and the laughing continued
when the lady on the other side said
in that "Can't you read the sign" kind of way...
"You mean you want a snack wrap?"
and my mother proceeded to tell her
the entire story about how her daughter renamed it
and she didn't know
and so forth...

It felt really nice to get out
and laugh
and eat good snacks.
though I wished Dan could have come...

On a related note,
I am sooo thankful Dan and I are living with my parents
for a few weeks
and that they are willing to tag team with me
in taking care of my sweet healing husband.

It felt nice to get out and smell the roses big macs.

Now please, for the love,
go to McDonalds and try this tortilla beefy goodness.
You won't be sorry
and at $1.50, your wallet will be as happy
as your belly.



  1. yay for a snack post! =) snack wraps are delish! and yay for loving parents! praying for you and dan!