Tuesday, April 20

Why Surrender?

I think that if I truly believe in what God says is true.... 
His plan is perfect. 
He is good.
His Word is truth.
He loves me.
If I truly believe those things...
then the only response IS to surrender.

If I truly believe His plan is perfect, 
why would I ever want to be in charge?

If I truly believe He is good, 
why would I ever question His perfect plan?

If I truly believe His Word is truth, 
why would I doubt His promises?

If I truly believe He loves me,
why would I ever worry He doesn't?

Now let me be honest here.
I struggle. 
I struggle every day.
It is hard because we are sinful, forgetful human beings. 

but I just keep going back to what I know to be true.

We are commanded to give up our struggles to Him.

We should want to! 
He gave the ultimate sacrifice in dying for us. 
and so we should trust Him with our lives.
because without Him, 
we have no life. 

For God...
There is nothing we could not surrender to Him.
No worry is too overwhelming for God.
He is not baffled by any question.
No fear is bigger than He is.

So when we fail...

*when, not if*
I think it's important to not be discouraged.
Just get back up.
Tell Him you are sorry 
and give your struggles to Him again. 

He will always, always take you back,
wrap you up in His love,
and give you perfect peace.


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