Sunday, May 2

4 Weeks ago...

I wasn't sure what the future held.
I couldn't picture Dan and my life together 
because there were so many questions 
to what life would hold for us.

We took a walk around the block last night.
There were so many blessings wrapped up in this "big night out".
Grabbing Dan's hand and him holding mine back.
And holding hands all the way around the block.

All things I always thought were wonderful...
but could easily take for granted.

Things I always knew were given to me by God...
but could easily forget to thank Him for.

Things that may seem silly to call blessings...
but... when I think my life could easily have been without them...
it's all I can do to fall to my knees.
and thank the Lord with my whole heart for these amazing blessings.
for allowing us more time 
to take walks around the blocks.
hand in hand.

On a related note, I just want to say that 
holding hands
is my 

like seriously, heart bursting with love.


  1. mental note: wait to read Ashley's posts til I am NOT at work.. because there are tears. the happy kind.