Sunday, May 9

The Best One to Tie My Shoes

Dear Lord,

There are a lot of loose ends that need tying up.
And as we both know,
I keep trying to tie them up myself...
and that never works out well...
I always trip and stumble on the laces.

Please help me come inside.
take off my shoes.
and get on my knees...
because I know that's my job
in this "loose-end tying up" bit.

And if I stay on my knees in prayer
and let You be in control,
I know You will hear me.
Calm me.
Comfort me.
and tie up everything perfectly
exactly in the way it should be.

And I may not always like the shoes I am called to walk in.
or the color of the laces.
or exactly the way You knotted them...
but I know You are in control
and I am to completely trust You
and walk in those shoes.

And if I hold Your hand
I won't fall down.
I won't get lost.
My laces won't unravel.
And someday...
I will look back...
and see exactly why you chose those shoes for me.