Saturday, May 15

"Good-Looking" Looking

You google shop for a chandelier.

You want something that is
yet charming
with a little bit of classic style built in.

And then
by accident
you stumble across this

And your search. just. stops.

you find your heart's desire.

but then you see the price tag.

so instead of buying it...
you just post it on your blog.

because it's free to decorate your blog with this
whole lot of gorgeousness...
which is a lot cheaper than it would have cost
to put it in your dining room.

When I win the lottery (except I don't play)
this is number four on my list to buy. 
Right after...
making Dave Ramsey proud by paying off my school loans, 
splurging on spa days for all my friends, 
and buying a house in zip code 08035.

But for now, 
since that might be awhile (considering I don't play the lottery)
this gorgeousness can sit pretty on my blog.

it's doing a gorgeous job.