Tuesday, June 1

And My Personal Pulitzer Prize Goes To....

If it was up to me...
If I was given the pen and paper before I was even born...
and told to write out my life story,
I would probably write out a lot of good times.

easy times.
breezy living.
cookie eating while fingernail painting.
friends and family with connecting backyards.
my very own underground candy factory.

It could probably have been stamped as a fairytale.
no tears.
or pain.
or fear.
or questions allowed.

However, in this easy breezy fairytale cookie eating version
where everything goes "right",
there are moments that would have been unintentionally missed.
moments that come during and after hard times...
after those times that are not in fairytales.

Moments where the rug is pulled from under me
and all I can do is fall to my knees and pray and feel God.
Moments where my faith is tested and strengthened
and I learn what's important and what's not.
Moments where I grow up
and appreciate what the Lord has written for me.

My easy breezy version would have mistakenly left out...
the chapters where I cry and hurt and learn and grow.
the paragraphs where prayers are answered...
sometimes with an answer that seems right.
sometimes with an answer that seems hard.
but always with an answer that is part of the great plan God has for my life.
and always with an answer that allows me to grow to become more like Him.

It's these hard chapters that help us grow...
and if we wrote our own story,
we would probably never have written those chapters
and in doing so, we would have left out all of that real, beautiful growth.

when I'm in the thick of something hard
I beg God to edit the story...
to throw this main character a piece of pie
but sometimes instead,
He gently gives me a piece of peace
and a whole lot of growing up.
and when I finish living the chapter
I am always so glad He wrote it the way He did.

I'm very thankful God is writing my story.
He's a much better writer than I am.


  1. I am so proud of you.
    And I love you so much.