Tuesday, June 8

Cupcake Confession

We had a Grace Group cook-out on Sunday.

Brace boy (the name lovingly given to my brace-wearing-for-a-little-while-longer-trust-me-he-doesn't-mind-the-nickname-ok-possibly-he-hates-it-but-it's-too-catchy-and-i-can't-stop-saying-it husband)
had a big day the next day
(first day back to work!!)
so we left early.
before dessert.

I guess there is a first time for everything.
And heavens to betsy 
that better have been the last leave-the-party-pre-dessert-time.

However, I did ask if I could take my dessert to-go
in the most polite way possible one can say
"I'm leaving this party early but I still want cake".
yes I know, politeness was lost in this situation before it started.

Fortunately, the host totally knows me.
we possibly share the same conviction on the importance of dessert.
she knows my complete obsession with sweetness throwing parties in my mouth.

So I took two cupcakes to-go.
planning on eating them the minute I got home.

But the temptation was too great
as I drove into the gas station
to fill up my almost-as-hungry-as-me gas tank.

So I gave the gas attendant my credit card.
And without thinking twice
grabbed and opened up the saran wrap that was holding my cupcake.
And started licking.

my oh my.
sweet frosting from sugar land itself.

more licking.
i got chocolate on my lips. fingers. cheek. it was wonderful.
i completely checked out of real life.
it was just me and my chocolate.
and brace boy who had his brace on
and so possibly had no idea what was going on
since he couldn't turn his poor head.

*knock* on the window.
the gas attendant was done and wanted to give me my receipt.

a normal person would have snapped back to reality
and shoved that cupcake away somewhere shamefully
or never started licking while gas was being pumped in the first place.

well, normal is as long gone as my attempts at liking vegetables.
And so...I kept on licking!

He stood at the window.
I gave him shifty eyes out of the corner of my eye.
took my receipt in one hand.
and loved the cupcake in the other...
why did I do that?
who keeps on licking the frosting even after getting caught?

I was ashamed for about one milli-moment after I pulled out of the gas station.
but then I remembered the chocolatey goodness
that threw a big party in my mouth
and was currently coating my belly with happiness.
and I didn't care anymore.

because really, there is no shame in loving your dessert
at every moment.
even while paying at the gas station.


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