Wednesday, June 23

Flipper's New BFF

I don't want to be famous.
I just want to get in on the magic.
The magic of diving.

People who dive act as though it is as easy as walking.
People, like me, who can't dive, feel as if they are trying to be taught how to fly.

I want to fly.

I know all the directions:
"Tell your feet to go in last."
"Aim for a certain spot in the pool."
"Just fall in."
"Let your body fall head first."

Somewhere in between aiming for a certain spot with my head
while commanding my feet to stay put or else
and being shocked when gravity pulls my entire body down,
I always end in watery failure.

I start out the dive with great hope
but always end up looking like a drowned rat
instead of the dolphin I was aspiring to be.

And so dear friends,
I am determined to crawl out of my rat hole
and swim with the mammals of the sea.

Summer 2010, you haven't seen me yet.
But I'm coming.
Oh, I'm coming.
Dolphin style.

that's future me on the left. 

for the love of flipper i hope so.


  1. Just curious, can you do a cartwheel? There is some definite pushing off with your knees that you do to propel yourself forward, or you WOULD just fall in. I remem not mastering the pummel horse in gym until they explained to me that you jumped and then transferred your weight to your arms to propel you the rest of the way. I was trying to run up to it and just jump onto something chest high!

  2. i think you need to start by doing the silly bend over dive... that's how everyone seems to start.

    Have Dan record and email every single attempt. Or better yet wait until Schroon Lake and let the whole Peterson family "help" by cheering on the pool edge.
    Did you accept the milkshake challenge?